CCCA: Hair Loss at Crown of Scalp

November 01, 2017

CCCA: Hair Loss at Crown of Scalp

Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA) is a type of hair loss commonly seen in African American women.  CCCA is a dramatic form of scarring alopecia almost only seen in African American women. Hair loss usually occurs at the top of the scalp or the crown of scalp. It starts there typically and spreads outward.

What causes CCCA? The exact cause of CCCA is unknown, but some factors that contribute to CCCA are:

Excessive tension or stress to your hair and scalp from- braids and heavy extensions

History of fungal infection

When can you get CCCA? You can get CCCA at any time, but it typically starts in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. Can men get CCCA? Yes, African American men can get CCCA but it is mostly found in African American women.

What are the treatments for CCCA? There is no set treatment, but doctors first recommend changing hair styling methods. You should start taking a hair vitamin that contains biotin and antioxidants like Regrow Solutions which has been proven promote hair growth. Next, see a dermatologist for a treatment regimen. CCCA can be treated with topical anti-inflammatory agents like topical corticosteroids or cortisone injections at the edge of scarring, both help reduce inflammation that may be causing the hair loss. Another long-term solution is a topical Minoxidil to promote hair growth. If you are suffering from hair loss or severe hair thinning see a dermatologist.